Hey there! I'm Khushraj Rathod. I am a 17 y.o. student, and I love experimenting with new tech.

Free open Source PROJECTS

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TeleDrive lets you automatically backup all your files to telegram's saved messages - this means FREE, UNLIMITED storage

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 Tic Tac Toe

Simple Tic Tac Toe Game in Javascript

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Apk Backup

Lets you backup and restore Apks from your android phone 

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My notes on physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics

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Text Manipulator

Can do various things with text such as make waves

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Primes Toolkit

A tool to work with prime numbers

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Signup Template

Signup template design

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Brew Backup

Automated backup of brewfile to Github (macOS)


Rintu Rathod's Website - Rintu Rathod is trained as a commercial artist and now she is a  passionate baker as well. Her speciality is life size cake and chocolate sculptures.